Education for coaches

We provide services in the field of training and top quality education for coaches. We focus on increasing knowledge of every coach in the area of individual preparation of a player but also in the area of individualization of preparing a team.

Education for players and parents

Courses in this category are primarily intended for amateurs and professionals players, to parents of young players. Courses are discussing topics such as good nutrition, food supplements, proper daily rhythm, regeneration and relaxation.

Support for building hockey centers

EduProSport is associated with the company HTDS, whose main business is to build sports centers, mainly in the area of hockey. The centers are focused on group and individual training of players.

Collaborating Centres

In cooperation with our partner centers and in collaboration with hockey scouts we cover and systemize individual training of players.

What can we offer?

Professional education

Our company’s EduProSport focus is on giving professional education to hockey coaches. Since 2009, we have implemented through short-term training courses and a form of life-long learning. We offer fully equipped demonstration center and a lecture room, modern equipped gym and trainers with experience and a warm approach.

Up to date offers

We frequently update and add new courses on current issues. We follow world trends and technological developments in the field of hockey. We offer a comprehensive package of interrelated courses.Depending on your needs we offer training with content and length that is optimal for you.


We organize training for beginners, but we also provide training for professional hockey coaches. Our courses are also designed for parents and players. In addition to sports training, our courses also address the issue of the development of the young athlete, diet and mental preparation.

We are here for you

We adapt to you. We offer course dates, which can postponed to better fit your schedule if you are not satisfied.

Profesional education with EduProSport

  • Do you want to become a good conditioning coach?
  • Are you wondering how to set up a system of individual training and development of player?
  • Or do you want to work as a coach in the sports center
  • Do you want to achieve visible results with your team?
  • Are you interested in knowledge in the area of work methods of the athletes?
  • Are you interested in new technologies?

What others say about us

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The company’s EduProSport main objective is to increase the education of coaches.

The need for education is not a one-time thing but never ending process. The character of our training is a system of continues learning and training. Each topic fits into the overall sequence and hierarchy of education. When creating the training plan as well as the content pages of each training session we try always to be included in the complex structure of our educational program.

By completing our training, among other things, you

  • get an overview of new technology and methodology,
  • new experience and skills,
  • Systematization of knowledge,
  • meet new people and discover new opportunities,
  • after passing the final test, you get a valuable certificate,
  • you are added to the database of successful graduates.

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