Our lecturers

We offer only the trainers who belong to the specialists in the topic - lecturers are people with experience, but with teaching experience and taste to explain and educate others. We know that your satisfaction is largely dependent on the teacher, so pay attention to the high professional quality of our lecturers.

Do not learn. Life will teach you. It has taught me that I should learn!

Johannes Robert Becher

Prof. PhDr. Eugen Laczo, PhD.

University professor and expert in physiology and diagnostics.

Eugen Laczo

One of the most respected experts in the field of general and specific physical activity in training and game conditions. His extensive experience as a coach and personal trainer of Slovakia, a personal trainer at the Olympic Games in Salt Lake City, Sydney Olympics, World Cup, European Championship as well as several championships with the hockey team HC Slovan Bratislava. And it's invaluable knowledge we provide our HDC center.

Mgr. Norbert Javorčik

Hockey coach, lecturer, HDC Europe program director

Norbert Javorčik

He graduated from the FTVŠ and holds the highest coaching license. Coaching career began in 1998 in HKM Zvolen. By 2008, he trained with all age categories. From 2012 to 2013 he served as an assistant coach in Slovakia U17. From 2013 he works as an assistant coach in Slovakia U20 and won bronze at the World Championships in Canada. Since 2017/2018 served as a headcoach of Slovakia U18 and finished at sixth place at the World Junior Championships 2017 in Slovakia. He currently works as an headcoach of junior team and youth department in HC 05 Banská Bystrica.

Mgr. Milan Kabát, PhD.

Lecturer, hockey coach

Milan Kabát

Milan Kabát is a graduate of the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport, specializing in Fitness Trainer area (Mgr=MA). After graduating from the Master's program, he continued his Ph.D. studies, where he defended his doctoral dissertation in the field of Sports Education (PhD.). In the professional work he deals mainly with the development of athletic fitness skills, diagnostics and setting up a training program for professional athletes. He holds certificates in the field of movement pattern development, body diagnosis, and development of fitness skills (Functional movement screen 1+2, Anatomy trains 1, DNS 1+2, Complex Core – stabilization in sport). He is also holder of the hockey license B and HDTS Group Fusion skating & Diagnostics hockey license. In the training and diagnostics center, HDC Slovakia specializes in general and special diagnostics of hockey players on ice, on hockey skatemill and in the gym. He is also involved in the management and setting up of training programs for clients of the Hockey Center, as well as the training of trainers for Hockey Centers built abroad.

Mgr. Peter Solmoši

Hockey coach, lecturer

Peter Solmoši

Peter Solomoši graduated from the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport of Comenius University with the specialization of ice hockey coach. He is the holder of the highest Hockey Coaching License A +, as well as other certificates: BLACKROLL Coach - Myofascial release, Complex Core - Stabilization in Sports, HDTS GROUP Fusion Skating & Diagnostics. He worked as the youngest coach of a hockey senior team in the Slovak Republic. In the training-diagnostics center of HDC Slovakia, he specializes in biomechanical analysis of skating.

Ing. Michal Sabo

Michal Sabo

Works as an executive director of the Hockey Development Centre HDC Slovakia in Bratislava. He graduated at the Department of Foreign Trade and International Trade Management at the Faculty of Commerce at the University of Economics in Bratislava with his engineer‘s degree. I holder of the several certificates e.g. Junior Solution Expert in the Talentway Innovative Management programme, INESS Austrian Economics or Google Digital Garage. In HDC Slovakia, where he has been working since 2016, he is in charge of ensuring executive operation of the hockey development center as well as management of online marketing services.

Pavol Čupa

Founder of HDTS group (2007) + up to 15 successful companies
CEO, owner


He obtained University degree in the field of Industrial Robots and Manipulators. He has been actively involved in athletics, primarily sprints and skiing. At the present he as a lecturer implements the model of individual player preparation within hockey center programs, IIS support as well as marketing kits. He is actively engaged in the development of new ice hockey technologies and their application in hockey centers.

Jozef Bujnovský

HDTS representative for foreign markets, lecturer

Jozef Bujnovský

project manager professionally oriented on foreign markets and correct application of the model of individual hockey player preparation in different hockey cultures. He graduated in Economic field and expanded his experiences by studying and project activities in USA, Italy, Russia, China and other countries. He is currently working as Salesperson for HDTS group focused on US and Asian market. (expert at inter-cultural communication, cross-culture models application)

Rastislav Maršálek

Director of Marketing & Communication

Rastislav Maršálek

Since 2000, he has worked as Art director and Marketing manager of HC SLOVAN Bratislava, where he has brought to the life several interesting marketing projects. In 2014 he was supervising producer of the KHL Star Game in Bratislava. Then he worked for three years at the top Slovak event and production company Leopard Production. He has been working in Hockey Development Training System Group since 2017 as Director of Marketing & Communication.

Zuzana Pšenáková


Zuzana Pšenáková

With a Master’s degree in Performance Psychology she now works with professional teams as a sport psychologist. In 2016/2017, she led two professional teams playing in the highest Slovak professional leagues towards their biggest success over years - men’s A team in the football club DAC 1904 Dunajska Streda (3rd place in the league and qualification in Europe league) and women’s A team in the basketball club MBK (2nd place in the league). She also works with individual youth and professional sportsmen.