Seminar in Moscow - Current Trends in Modern Hockey

Seminar for managers of hockey training centers in Russia and the countries of the former Soviet Union. The main objective of the seminar was to demonstrate the hockey trends that they can apply to the training process in their facilities.

Training for "Red Machine" trainers center from the "SKA Hockey City"

The opening of a new hockey diagnostic and training center for one of KHL's most successful clubs meant not only the use of HDTS technology but also the implementation of a methodology developed by our specialists from the Hockey Development Training System Group.

Training of coaches from the Harbin Sports University Hockey Center

The first ice-hockey diagnostic and training center in China made its home at the Harbin Sports University. The positive thing is that its use has not only been among the students of the university itself but it can be used by all those interested in high quality ice hockey training. Training at the "EduProSport" Center was aimed at enhancing the training of "HDC China" training staff in the field of individual player training, as well as the use of our technology in the training process.

Training seminar in Detva town

Seminar designed for hockey coaches, especially youth categories. The aim of the seminar was to present the model of individual player preparation in the project of Slovak representation under 18 years. The seminar was attended by members of the successful coaching staff - coach Norbert Javorčík, mental coach - Slavomíra Gazdíková, fitness coach - Milan Kabát and consultant in the field of regeneration of health condition - prof. Eugen Laczo.

Training of the coaching staff of the National Hockey Center from Moscow

One of the most successful projects and our demonstration center is located in Moscow on the Leningrad Prospectus. This center has been named National Hockey Center. Of course, demonstrating the status of demonstration center is a matter of not only using our technology but also implementing our methodology. The core principles of our work have been trained by NHC Moscow coaches.

KHL seminar during Hockey World Cup 2011 Bratislava

The HDTS company was invited by Mr. Jurzinov to the KHL seminar at the World Championships in Bratislava in 2011, where we presented our methodology in analyzing and practicing skating.