Training seminar for CSKA Moscow Moscow

Educational workshops and presentations focused on the possibility of using diagnostic software Sports Testing. Practical examples of sport testing in general and special conditions.

Educational workshop HDTS Bratislava

Professor Viacheslav Zaytsev was invited to a training seminar on improving training methods using innovative training devices for special development in hockey.

Educational workshop for ČSLH Czech federation of ice hockey, Praha

Educational workshops and presentations focused on the possibility of interpreting the results obtained by diagnostic software Sports Testing. The warkshop was practical example of working with the program and the analysis and interpretation of real-life measured data.

International Ice Hockey conference organized by HDTS Bratislava

International conference with several major experts in hockey from the US, Russia, Czech Republic and Slovakia. The main idea behind the conference was to link individual preparation of hockey players to a collective preparation of hockey players. During these three days, we held dozens of lectures focusing mainly on new trends in ice hockey, innovative training methods and training aids. These hockey celebrities delighted us with their participation: Ludek Bukac, Michael R. Bracko, Sean Skinner, prof. Dusan Hamar, prof. Viacheslav Zaytsev, Igor Zakharkin, Marian Jelinek.

Conference in Moscow

Conference in Moscow for KHL coaches organized by Life in Hockey was focused on the systematic presentation of sports training of ice hockey players in our hockey centers.

Moscow Federation Moscov

Educational workshop for Hockey Federation of Moscow, where we presented the importance of sport testing for optimal planning of individual practice. We pointed out the possibility of using the Sport Testing for a wide range of sports industry.