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EduProSport is associated with the company HTDS, whose main business is to build sports centers, mainly in the area of hockey. The centers are focused on group and individual training of players. The company EduProSport provides comprehensive educational support in building these sports and hockey center. The company HDTS, provides scientific activities, development of methodology, testing, production testing standards for all products and sports diagnostics. In cooperation with our partner centers and in collaboration with hockey scouts we cover and systematize the preparation of individual players.

Hockey Centre Education

In our hockey center is available to you equipped fitness center, ice rink and a lecture hall.

The lecturers will be a professional team of trainers

In the vicinity you provide board and lodging. We provide transportation from the airport.

Preliminary time schedules

Comprehensive training provides basic informations for coaches or managers of a new or existing centers that owns a skating treadmill. Each of the courses covers the most important areas related to the training process (simulator, ice, off the ice), or using a hardware and progressive software equipment for efficiency boost training. Information obtained through theoretical lectures will be in the highest volume applied to practical exercises, the participants acquire the basic skills needed for training process in hockey center.

The schedule is informative and precise plan (number of training days, the number of theoretical lectures, practical exercises, number, time arrangement of individual presentations) will be developed in consultation with the candidates in education and depends on the number of people interested in education, utilization of center respectively momentary time of individual trainers.

One lesson lasts 45 minutes. Each lesson is followed by a short break. Courses starts in the morning at 9:00 am and end at 17:00.

Details of each course can be found by clicking on the code or the name of the course.

During your stay with us will provide meals and accommodation. We provide transportation from the airport. (Vienna, Bratislava)


Five-day training program for Hockey Center

First day

   IN001     Introduction     30 min    Theory

   FS001     Fusion Skating Skatemill     45 min    Practice

   FS004     Fusion Skating Manual     30 min    Practice

   FS008     Skating on Skatemill (coaches)     90 min    Theory

   FS001a     Theory of skating     60 min    Theory

   FS001b     Systematics of skating     15 min    Theory

   FS007     Increasing the complexity of the…     30 min    Theory

Second day

   FS013     Fushion Skating Subpacket (Instructor,…     30 min    Theory

   FS013     Fushion Skating Subpacket (Instructor,…     75 min    Practice

   FS001d     Recording video     60 min    Practice

   FS002     Skating Analysis     75 min    Theory

   FS009     Condition skating     60 min    Theory

Third day

   FS010     Creation of Training session on HST     60 min    Theory

   FS014     Training with coaches on HST     60 min    Practice

   FS009     Condition skating     45 min    Practice

   DG005     BeeSPORT     120 min    Theory

Fourth day

   DG001     beeSPORT | Tester - Dryland     75 min    Practice

   DG002     beeSPORT | Tester – OnIce     75 min    Practice

   DG003     Conditioning Skating Tests on HST     60 min    Practice

     Discussion    60 min    Theory    

Fifth day

     Practice test – Skatemill    60 min     Practice    

     Practice test – Sport Testing    60 min     Test    

     Practice test – Skating Analysis    60 min     Test    

     Theory test + Evaluation    90 min     Test    

     Certification    30 min    

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